DOWNLOAD LYRICS : Richard Bassey – Thank You Jesus

Thank You Jesus by Richard Bassey (Lyrics)
Gospel Music: Richard Bassey – Thank You Jesus (Lyrics)

The song by Richard Bassey is still on trend in the industry. For those interested in the lyrics of the song, you can read below or download it to your phone.

Verse 1 :

When I think about the goodness of the Lo..rd  in my life is amazing,

When I think about his faithfulness in my life, I  say Lord I thank you, I will praise you Lo…rd,

for all things you v’e done for me no one can do it thank you

I thank you for the life that you gave to me

Even when am weak you make me bold and stronger,

I thank you Lord for guiding me you neither sleep nor slumber..

(Chorus )  E se o baba fun ore ti o se laye mi x2

Imela o….Eze

Odighi onye dika gi

Imela o….Eze

Odighi onye yiri  gi

Amanna o…. Ete

ke uwak mfon fo k’uwem mi o x2

No one can do this thank you x2

Verse 2 :

Every day Lord,            is your grace that thought my heart never to be afraid,

Every day Lord,

you lead my feet, from one step to the next

Every day Lord,

you send your Angels to guide me from morning to night,

You lift my head up high far above principality and powers, not because of who I am, but because of who you are,

I thank you Lord for guiding me, you neither sleep nor slumber.

(Repeat chorus)

Thank you Jesus

thank you father

thank you spirit

thank you Lord

Till fade….




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